Registration of De Facto Relationship


Centrelink has a registration system such that, people in a de facto relationship (including same sex couples) receive any Centrelink benefits, their relationship can and should be registered with them. 

De facto couples (including same sex couples) can have their relationship registered in:

  • Queensland;
  • New South Wales;
  • Victoria;
  • Tasmania;
  • Australian Capital Territory.

There is no registration system in:

  • Western Australia;
  • Northern Territory;
  • Norfolk Island;
  • South Australia (although same sex couples can register their relationship through a “Domestic Partnership Agreement” document).

In December 2007, the then Prime Minister said the Australian Federal Government would work on a national relationship register, similar to the one in Tasmania, which would officially record an existing de facto (including same sex) relationship. 

A national register has not yet been established. 



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