Who can enter into a Binding Financial Agreement

Eligibility Requirements to enter into a Binding Financial Agreement

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Almost anyone is lawfully able to enter into a legally binding and enforceable Binding Financial Agreement, whether it is a cohabitation agreement, pre nuptial agreement, post nuptial agreement, separation agreement or divorce agreement.

Couples are able to enter into Binding Financial Agreement’s whether they are:

  • Heterosexual or same sex de facto couples;

  • Cohabitating or intending to cohabit;

  • Married or intending to marry;

  • Already separated;

  • Divorced.

Both parties to the Binding Financial Agreement must ordinarily be resident (living) in Australia. 

Each of the parties must have their own independent legal advice from their own lawyer, as to the terms of the agreement. 

That independent legal advice cannot be by the same lawyer, nor should it be by lawyers working in the same law firm. 

Each of the lawyers who provide the required legal advice to the parties, must sign a Certificate. 

That Lawyer’s Certificate confirms the advice required by the Family Law Act 1975, was given to their client, before their client signed the Agreement.

Who cannot enter into a Binding Financial Agreement

You cannot enter into a Binding Financial Agreement if you have already entered into a Binding Financial Agreement with another person. 

For example a man could not enter into a Binding Financial Agreement with his mistress if he already had an Agreement with his wife.

Both parties who want to enter into the Binding Financial Agreement must ordinarily live and reside in Australia.

Binding Financial Agreements: More you need to know

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