Disadvantages of a Binding Financial Agreement

What are the risks and disadvantages of a Binding Financial Agreement

Binding Financial Agreement | DIY Family Law Australia

There can be some risks, a down side or some disadvantages to entering into a Binding Financial Agreement.

Disadvantages or risks of a Binding Financial Agreement may include:

  • It may be difficult to have your spouse see any benefit for themselves, in signing a Binding Financial Agreement.
  • There is no scrutiny of Binding Financial Agreements entered into by a Court or any other regulatory body.  Nor is there any registration system to note that a Binding Financial Agreement has been entered into, or through which the terms of a Binding Financial Agreement are reviewed.
  • Only the two (2) people in the relationship can be parties to the Binding Financial Agreement.  Third Parties cannot also be parties to a Binding Financial Agreement.
  • What must be set out in a Binding Financial Agreement is detailed, can be complicated and depending on the type of Binding Financial Agreement many situations may need to be covered.
  • If all possible contingencies have not been thought of and covered in the agreement, the actual use of the agreement could be unfair to one or both of the parties.
  • The legal fees of drafting the agreement and having separate lawyers give advice to each party, can be expensive.
  • There are circumstances in which an agreement could be set aside.
  • The law surrounding Binding Financial Agreements is complicated and so there is some uncertainty about whether an Agreement might be set aside and how the Courts will interpret the law for the particular situation of the parties.

Binding Financial Agreements: What else should you know

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